Terms and Conditions

I.- Purpose and acceptance of the terms and conditions of use

VISION LITORAL SA (hereinafter, “TLSA”) provides information to users through the website horapiko24.com (hereinafter, “horapiko24.com”) and assumes responsibility for the use of its content.
The access or the mere use of horapiko24.com implies the acceptance of the terms contained in these Conditions.

Its purpose is to regulate the use of people who access the website horapiko24.com (hereinafter, the “Site”). The mere access of the user to Rosario3.com supposes his full acceptance of the terms and conditions of use that are detailed below.

II.-horapiko24.com. your object:

The purpose of the website is to disseminate information and informative material related to cultural, tourist, social, political, economic, sports and international political events. Likewise, the purpose of this website is to offer users the different products and/or services advertised by horapiko24.com and by third parties.


The use of this website is the sole responsibility of the user. They must use it in accordance with the functions authorized on the website. They will comply with the uses authorized in these terms and conditions of use. By using this website, you will refrain from infringing the rules of use and coexistence on the Internet, good customs, human dignity, the rights of third parties, the laws of the Argentine Republic and the country where the user is located.
You agree to use the Services or Content for personal use only.
Users are prohibited from any commercial use, direct or indirect, of the content contained in horapiko24.com, unless they have the prior written authorization of the TLSA.
Without the prior written authorization of horapiko24.com, the user does not have the right to establish hyperlinks to this website, nor to place or use its contents on their own or third-party sites or pages. Likewise, the user does not have the right to restrict or prevent any other user from using the site.


horapiko24.com does not control the information provided by users through participation spaces such as surveys, forums, news reviews, letters from readers, blogs, etc. and reserves the right to interrupt or cancel access to these participation spaces without prior notice. Attempts to oppose its normal functioning.

It is not allowed in these spaces:

• Using obscene, discriminatory and offensive language.

• Any kind of personal attack on another participant or host.

• Any conduct that violates the laws, morality and good customs.

• promote the product

• Use or send viruses and do anything that causes damage or loss.

Each participant is solely responsible for the antivirus protection of their device.
horapiko24.com is not responsible in any way for the destruction, alteration or elimination of the content or information contained by the participants in their messages.
horapiko24.com reserves the right to supervise the forum and other participating spaces, and the moderators reserve the right not to publish (or delete after publishing) content proposed by users that does not fit the purpose of the forum. parameters specified in this regulation. Direct or indirect infringement of any person’s intellectual property rights, any copyright, trademark, right of publicity or other proprietary rights is prohibited. horapiko24.com will not be responsible in any way for the aforementioned infractions or for the consequences derived from them.
Each participant is solely responsible for their statements, comments, opinions and the actions or omissions they perform in the forums and other participating spaces, or as a consequence of the information or comments they receive in the forums and other participating spaces.

V.- Links to other websites.

Rosario3.com disclaims all responsibility for the products and services, operation, access, data, information, documentation, quality and reliability of any content included in links and/or external websites from where links are established from horapiko24.com.
The establishment of any type of link by horapiko24.com with any external site will not imply any type of relationship.
Links to horapiko24.com on other websites.
Linking to the home page of horapiko24.com or anywhere within horapiko24.com does not require a TLSA license. If the link is contained within a frame, the link must open a new window and the horapiko24.com URL must be clearly visible in the address bar, otherwise the link cannot be established.
The following situations require explicit TLSA authorization:

If your site consists entirely of links to other sites and users pay to access it.
horapiko24.com does not have the power or human and technical means to know, control or approve all the information, content, products or services offered by other sites linked to ours.
The establishment of a link does not imply in any way a relationship between TLSA and the owner of the web page on which it is located, nor does TLSA accept and approve its contents or services.

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