Tai Emery leaked onlyf videos on reddit, Lingerie Football to BKFC

Ty Emory was excited. Maybe she was a little too excited?

Emery made her boxing debut at BKFC Thailand 3 on Saturday when she beat Rung-Arun Khunchai by KO in the opening round in Bangkok with a beautiful left hook.

Then there are the celebrations. Emory’s top…she took off as she jumped on the rope and triumphantly presented herself to the crowd.

You can check out the video below (NSFW):

“Tai Emery had a fun celebration there. I’ve never seen this happen before,” BKFC commentator Chris Lytle said on behalf of all of us.

A little bit about Emery: The 35-year-old former electrician and model from Australia has played in the Lingerie Football League and is set to compete in the Lingerie Fighting Championship.

here you go.

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