Sugar Neekz leaked onlyfans twitter, Cherneka Sugar Neekz Johnson on reddit videos

It’s a big week for boxer Cherneka Johnson, aka Sugar Neekz. The 28-year-old IBF super bantamweight champion puts her title and 15-1 record in jeopardy. She will face Britain’s Ellie Scotney at Wembley Stadium on Saturday.

The title fight isn’t the only item on her busy schedule this week. The Australian had some headlines and announcements to make before stepping into the ring. She did both on Friday.

Sugar Neekz’s first priority was to announce that she had turned her back on another Australian IBF champion and became the latest female boxer to team up with OnlyFans. That IBF champion, of course, is IBF bantamweight champion Ebanie Bridges.

Bridges is no stranger to making headlines and announcements with her considerations. As Sugar Neekz, her first statement came in the form of a short video she shared on social media.

Also featured in the clip is Bridges’ friend and influential boxer Elle Brooke. why is she there Because the two plan to collaborate on some OnlyF content—another page in Bridges’ playbook.

After announcing their new partnership on social media, the IBF super bantamweight champion wore a body paint top for the weigh-in.

Painted vest features the OnlyFans logo on the chest.

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