Whats happened to Nyesom Wike Son dead, Wicks Son California died

Labor sounded the alarm on Saturday night, saying Rivers State Premier Nyesom Wike allegedly influenced the outcome of the state’s presidential and parliamentary elections.

The party made the claim in a Twitter thread in which it claimed Wike had influenced the election result in support of the All Progressive Congress held in his village of Rumueme.

The LP also explained that Obi has a large share of the vote in South South State because Rivers’ past results put LP’s presidential candidate Peter Obi in the lead.

The post read: “This is an election official from INEC. Rumueme 7A 034, Wike Governor’s Village. Wike influences outcome in favor of APC at Rec Center. Obi is a breeze at Rivers won.”

But the People’s Democratic Party responded quickly, dismissing the allegations as baseless.

But the premier’s defense, Ogbonna Nwuke, director of public relations and communications for the Rivers State PDP campaign committee, called Labor’s claims baseless in a statement on Sunday.

Nyesom Wike said: “This is all nonsense! Governor Nyesom Wike does not own INEC and urged Labor to provide evidence to support their allegations.

“Likewise, he cannot prevent Commission staff from carrying out their legitimate functions. For its part, INEC has not made any statement that its staff have been harassed. Where do these unsubstantiated claims come from?

“We are tired of hearing unsubstantiated claims that are not backed by verifiable facts. Those who accuse Governor Nyesom Wike of trying to suppress votes should provide verifiable evidence.

“They showed no visual or video evidence of the Governor being at the INEC facility, nor any audio evidence that the Governor hired INEC officials to justify their false claims.

“Governor Wick knows what it means to do something like that. I solemnly declare that Wick would never do something like this. It’s all rubbish.”

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