Is the leaked Alexander Lacazette and Martin Odegard video real?

England’s Arsenal and its two players: Alexandre Lacazette and Martin Odegard have become a trend after different media said that the players would have sex at the club’s facilities.

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After losing three of the three games and finishing last in the Premier League with 0 points, Arsenal ushered in one of the worst starts to the season in recent history. The rojiblanco from London was involved. The scandal spread on social networks in the last hours. from August 29 to 30.

According to international media reports, Lacazette and Oddgard should have committed crimes that the Arsenal manager should be aware of, but after some news sites “confirmed” the dispute, the team had to go out and talk about it. What happened and what punishment or sanctions the player should receive.

However, so far, the directors of the London club have not commented on the matter or have ruled out anything that could make the social network popular, someone previously said on Twitter that the club would make a statement about it.

It should be remembered that this is not the first scandal involving the French player Lacazette, because according to British reports, in January last year, the footballer became news after learning that he had cheated on a waitress. Sun of the media.

However, the club’s statement has not been given. According to Arab football, the protagonists of this scandal are Alexander Lacazette and Martin Odegarde.

“The Arab media claimed that Lacazette and Odegard had a sexual relationship at an Arsenal facility,” the Arab account said.

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