FitPunjaban Had Videos Leaked on reddit and twitter – pics telegram

An unfortunate reality of online life is that private and personal videos or images are leaking more and more frequently, especially for those with regular online followers. Just look at the Fit Punjaban TikTok user whose real name is Sandeep Kaur. Sandeep is currently dealing with the aftermath of the viral video leak and is trying to remove her video from the internet.

The viral video is an intimate clip that Sandeep apparently intended for private use. It’s unclear how the videos were posted, but Sandeep’s latest TikTok made it clear that she was taking steps to remove them from the internet as much as possible.

In the video’s caption, Sandeep wrote: “Dark phases come and go… The people standing there are real.”

In the video, Sandeep posts an email response she received from an Australian electronic security officer thanking her for filing a report of what the note describes as “image-based abuse.”

The letter also clarified that the officer could assist in removing intimate pictures or videos posted online without Sandeep’s consent. It is unclear if they will be 100% successful, but the Australian government seems to be doing the right thing.

Despite TikTok’s content policies and filters, these intimate videos were originally distributed through the app. Ultimately, however, Sandeep managed to pull them off. However, as the emails she shared indicate, the videos are still circulating through private WhatsApp groups, which are encrypted and therefore more difficult to access when centralized.

It seems that some even had the audacity to share the videos with Sandeep via WhatsApp.

Sandeep didn’t elaborate on how the leak affected her, but it’s easy to imagine an exhausting and traumatic experience. No one should spend so much time and effort downloading content that shouldn’t be on the internet.

After her sensitive photos were leaked, fans gathered around Sandeep to show their support for her and their disgust at those who chose to leak them. Sandeep has understandably shut down comments on all of her videos to avoid further harassment, but some fans have taken to other platforms to show their support, even posting their own TikTok videos in solidarity.

The Australian government has real resources to deal with this, which means Sandeep doesn’t have to take care of the whole thing. Countries without such policies should take note.

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