Diana Deets dead and obituary, whats happened to she

A disturbing video is circulating on TikTok. Here’s an explanation about a content creator who appears to be posting nude photos of herself while digitally altering her face to make her appear younger — like a teenager.

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The case of “Diana Deets” goes by the nickname “Coconut Kitty” on her social profiles, and it’s not a difficult problem to deal with. Nothing might seem particularly odd at first glance: their content is on the raunchy end of the PG-13 content that has always thrived on Instagram; she’s a young woman in typical bikini or lingerie model attire. A link in her bio goes to her website, where you’ll find a link to her OnlyFans account, where she promises, “Yes, I’ll be naked.” She has nearly 12,000 subscribers who pay monthly $10.99 (you can count).

But if you scroll back far enough on her Instagram, you’ll see a slow transformation from a different adult to a pretty sinister-looking teen, despite most of it—boobs, hips, red hair Hair – stay the same. At a certain point, the line between “typical influencer FaceTune magic” and “actively impersonating a minor” seems to have been crossed.

These boundaries are becoming increasingly important in the massive deconstruction of online self-expression. Everyone who uses social media inherently paints some version of themselves and ignores the rest; theatrics are the nature of the internet, and one could argue that our notions of authenticity and authenticity are meaningless, or at least Completely incapable of adequately describing what’s going on. However, whatever the consequences of such behavior, it is now easier than ever to adopt an almost entirely new identity online.

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